Markus Heitz

Born in Homburg on October 10th, 1971 at 10.43 and some seconds. Homburg SAAR, that is. NOT Bad Homburg! They have spas, we have a stream. But "Stream Homburg" didn’t sound too great.

This is why the municipality eschewed the adjunct.

As is right and proper I went to elementary school and somehow got into secondary school by assuming the name of the real "Markus Heitz". The other guy I had kidnapped and sold abroad while I pinched his life. He’s probably working hard on some lemon plantation. With the money from the disposal I also bought a new name for my family to make us less conspicuous.

After the A-levels, the military called me to Bexbach to train for the defense of my fatherland (or motherland). To a light infantry Battalion. I made it out unscathed and with luck, managed to hurt nobody else seriously, either. You see, bullet wounds are considered part of the “job risk” of an officer. I got a "disci" for "obeying a superior’s unauthorized order". May sound cool, but it cost me 50 Marks. The officer had to pay 200.

Afterwards, I changed the olive for the black, the barracks for the University of the Saarland. Here I went! "Secondary School Teacher" was my goal, soon to be replaced by "Master of Arts”.


I preferred to be able to call myself "Master" afterwards. A "Master of Arts ". Teachers are underpaid and underrecognized. The same is true for journalists and writers, as I have found out in the meantime. The career counselor lied.

Then, I became a journalist and a writer anyway. Just like that. Without thinking. Sometimes, it shows.

Today, I’m only a writer and do some other things on the side. Let’s see where I’ll end up ...

Myself ...

I’m a Libra, Scorpio ascendant.

That means I am a well-adjusted aesthetic cynic with a tendency for melancholy and phlegm. In cases of emergency, the stars make great excuses. I recommend always knowing the character traits of your sign and have the relevant replies and defenses at the ready.

Spare time...

In my spare time ... Well, in my spare time I do different things. Sometimes I occupy myself with various phases of history because I find them incredibly inspiring.

I still bake and cook and love Indian cuisine. There’s nothing better than a well-spiced dish!

Why do I write?

Because I enjoy it. It’s probably the most varied hobby in the world. No barriers, no obstacles except for grammar and phrasing problems, amnesic aphasia and literary critics.

Music ...

I prefer Goth music, EBM, Dark Wave and melancholy Scandinavian metal. I enjoy all areas, from Dead Can Dance and Sisters of Mercy, VNV Nation and Theatre of Tragedy to Tristania and Nightwish. I also love soundtracks, medieval music (the real stuff and the reinterpreted material by Corvus Corax, In Extremo, Qntal, Estampie and others) and so-called „classical“ music, mainly Russian and Scandinavian composers. I do not like free jazz, folk music und Reggae.