„Let others speak for me!"

I have asked some celebrities from international politics, economics, culture and entertainment to write a statement about me.

“It’s an asshole!”*

  • Walter Moers, writer

A talent as of yet unseen – he’s just that plain.”*

  • Marcel Reich-Ranicki, literary critic, †

Are you talking to me? ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?”*

  • Robert de Niro, actor

If he was an easterner and a woman, Mr Heitz would have my job.”*
- Angela Merkel, chancellor

Heitz is what you call a rarity: rare. I’ll leave up to you what kind of rare.”*

  • Barbara Schöneberger, actress

I always wanted to have him in my show, but it never worked out. Because he is too busy, as we media folks like to say. He also shows that not all that comes from the Saarland is bad. Honecker and Lafontaine suffice as negative examples.”*

  • Harald Schmidt, Entertainer

Gee, that Heitz guy! Why, yes, he still owes me money!”*

  • Alfons Schuhbeck, celebrity starred chef

Heitz? Pretty relative and no clue of math. But what’s worse is that he does not mind at all!”*

  • Albert Einstein, physicist

“Gee, that Heitz guy! Why, yes, he still owes me money!”*

  • Horst Lichter, starred chef

Black, wide, strong!”*

  • some tire tycoon

Not necessarily peaceful.”*

  • Gandhi

Gee, that Heitz guy! Why, yes, I still owe him money!”*

  • Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve chairman

Oh my god: WHAT A MAN! I proposed to him twice, but he said no. He said his love for me was so great it would be overwhelming me. Imagine: He refused me out of love! Is there any higher form of altruism? He later introduced me to some country singer.”*

  • Nicole Kidman, actress

I am really afraid of that Heitz guy. He always wears those weird rings, is all clad in black and … well. His car’s black, too. As is his fountain pen."*

- unknown passerby in Homburg

*= fictitious statement, completely made up and never actually uttered


MARKUS HEITZ was born in 1971 and lives in Homburg/Saar, Germany.

His debut novel, Schatten über Ulldart (the first in an epic fantasy series), won the Deutscher Phantastik Preis (German Fantasy Award) in 2003. 
Since then, he has won the GFA ten times, 
more than any other writer.

The author of more than 40 novels (20 best-sellers in Germany) in all genres, along with two children’s books, Heitz’s popular series about ‘Die Zwerge’ (The Dwarves) established him amongst Germany’s most successful fantasy writers. 
The series is now translated all over the world, including in Russia, Japan and China. 
He is the editor of the science fiction series Justifiers, based on the RPG of the same name, and he also wrote the libretto of the musical Timm Thaler (aka The Legend of Tim Tyler: The Boy Who Lost His Laugh) and produces the German ambient-Gothic band Lambda.