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Check against what’s written ...”

Just fantasy?

No, that wouldn’t be enough for me.

This is why I am at home in various genres, even if the focus definitely lies on Fantasy und Dark Suspense (the department formerly known as HORROR, sometimes also called Urban Fantasy which does not refer to some guy called Urban) at the moment.

.... But secretly, I write completely different stuff: stories about a colorful world full of love, peace and nonviolence, about humans living in sync with nature in a world without monsters, weapons, hatred and sex!

However, since my agent said that no one wanted to read such books and even the Bible had its share of sex, violence and genocide (in the broadest sense), I cry for half an hour every morning and do – what?

Correct: I write Fantasy und Dark Suspense... no, Horror!
Yes, and Space Fiction and everything, what will appear in my mad mind.

Titles available in English:


The Dwarves

The Dwarves

War of the Dwarves

Revenge of the Dwarves

The Fate of the Dwarves

The Triumph of the Dwarves

The Legends of the Älfar

The Legends of The Älfar: Righteous Fury

The Legends of The Älfar: Devastating Hate