AERA - The Return of the Gods







The ebook serial
*Start: 1. October 2015
*every month a new story
The story of the first season will be told in classic series fashion in 10 self-contained episodes. Together, the 10 episodes will also solve a bigger mystery.
*Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books, UK
*Ebook: available from all the ebook vendors, i.e.  Amazon, Apple, Kobo.


I already hinted at it: a new eBook series. The name is:

AERA – The Return of the Gods


The idea was born in 2012 when the Mayan calendar ended and people believed that the world might cease to exist.

Looking deeper into all the prophecies, however, it quickly became clear that the event rather predicted alterations, coming changes. No divination spoke of the end of mankind or the like. Fortunately, it didn’t happen.

And I thought: WHAT would be a significant change?

If we left the usual natural disasters, asteroids hitting the earth and epidemic plagues out of the equation, what would shake the modern world and mankind – our by now rather hardy and detached species – to the very foundations?

Exactly, something inherently impossible: FAITH suddenly becomes KNOWLEDGE!


So I came up with the idea that in my e-book series, almost all old and ancient gods humanity has ever worshiped in the past return. They return in a very real way: in person, as some form of presence or through their unmistakable actions ...

Except for the three „big ones“: the Christian God, Allah and Jahveh.

Those three do not appear.

Not because I hate Islam, Christendom or Judaism. But because their absence would shake the world even more for these three religions are the biggest ones at the time, the ones shaping Earth politically, economically and socially.

I wondered What would happen if you pulled the carpet from under them or suddenly gave other religions and undeniable foundation?

Especially since as a historian, I had always wondered what would have happened to Christendom if Constantine the Great had lost the battle at the Milvian Bridge in 312 AD …

I liked that thought, and my old role player’s heart was looking forward to the process of restructuring the world that would inevitably go hand-in-hand with it.

But I had enough other projects in 2012 to occupy my time, from the libretto for the Timm Thaler musical to the usual books that demanded to be written.

So I postponed AERA, which was called „Judgment of the Gods“ in a first draft and later changed its name to „Deiwos“ (from the basic Indogermanic word for God).

The years passed, one book project was followed by the next, and AERA slumbered on my computer and in my notebook, but I never abandoned it. There was just too much fun in toying with the idea of a new world order.

At the same time, religion was increasingly used to legitimize atrocities, terror and madness. Due to humans, the good that religions can contain became hard to recognize.

After the attacks in Paris in 2015 which I will not comment here I was fed up: the desire to religiously restructure the world in experiment was burning too fiercely within me to be postponed any longer.

In January 2015, I first contacted a German publisher and then an English one and sent them hints of what I had in mind – both agreed to a publication at once.

At this point, I want to thank AERA’s German publisher, Knaur. The English publisher shall remain shrouded in the mists of mystery at this point for the contracts have not been signed yet. :)

Because AERA had waited for so long, I decided to quickly start it as an eBook series to be printed later.

The first round of feedback on my ideas from friends and publishers was encouraging. Now I am looking forward to see how the readers will react to AERA.

I for my part had – once more – tons of fun!

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It happened.

In the year 2012, they reappeared overnight: Gods.

The old gods, that is.

Those that the Bible refers to in the commandments „Thou shalt have no other gods before me“ – and whose existence the Christian Holy Scripture never denied or disavowed.

But in the 21st century, no one expected the gods’ return. Right into the middle of what’s called reality.

They came riding down from the skies. They rose from Pyramids, temples and shrines, from sanctuaries, forests, swamps and mists. They spoke to their faithful – everywhere. Multifariously they came. The news about sightings and the miracles they performed increased.

They all came back: Manitou and similar beings, Mictlantecuhtli, Anubis, Odin and Thor, nameless gods of nature or legendary deities like Mars or Hephaestus, Olorun, Gai, the Loa, Shiva or Kami or Cai Shen.

Some gods stepped in front of the cameras, gave interviews that encouraged and energized those who had always believed in them and had been made fun of for it.

Some gods reclaimed their old sanctuaries that especially the Christians had built their churches upon. Magnificent buildings were razed, shut down, remodeled and replaced by the forgotten symbols.

Some gods lived amongst the mortals for a while, in ancient temples, in newly built complexes, in skyscrapers, in subterranean bunkers, in surging towers.

Some of them kept up with the times and founded companies to help spread their influence in the mortal world, participated in the stock trade or became otherwise economically active.

Some gods took chosen ones to other planets. Some brought back souvenirs from there or built homes to stay there. At least that’s what the rumors say.

The corporations, of course, were enormously interested in making deals with the gods.

Thus, a new AERA of history began: faith became knowledge.

Only the Christians, the Muslims and the Jews waited in vain.

No God, no Allah, no Yahweh.

No angels, no demons.

Not even the devil showed up …

Why? Or did they covertly walk amongst their faithful?

There was no answer.

The formally most powerful and most aggressive religions in the history of the world shrunk, became godless sects. They became almost insignificant, and their followers were ridiculed or mocked. While they waged war against the entities, their endeavors were doomed.

Thus, the world went through various phases of change until the year 2019.

Whether it was change for good or for bad remains to be seen.

The world in November 2019

The series’ mood will be somewhere between Blade Runner and Film Noir with a dash of Sin City.

There might well be small, mysterious gadgets, brought about by the divine and the journeys to other planets or into other spheres and dimensions, but they are not at the center of our stories.

The stories take place in Treva (Hamburg), London (the Hindu gods’ beachhead to Europe), in New Carthage, in Rome and then again we are traveling with the hero to the mysterious Bretagne or in the Baltic countries – and for sure also to Gomorrah, at some point.

How will the US have changed? What became of the Central American and South American countries? Who converted to which religion in Europe at once and who did not?

What about Germany? And GB?



The hero is an Interpol investigator who can also be hired as a PI.

What is special about him is the fact that he’s an atheist – in a world that is teeming with gods.

Malleus firmly believes that these gods are nothing but aliens, robots or projections to control the masses.

This is why he is favored as an investigator: he pays them no respect, especially not, if an entity is involved in a crime. Especially not, if that entity is a god.

But he, too, has his secrets.

Sinister ones…

During the weeks leading up to the start of AERA, there will be more info on the world background, the hero, his team and much more. We are working on a special AERA website.

Another new world – and I am very curious to see how my readers will like it.