ONEIROS – Deadly Curse

Publication Date: tba


At Leipzig, an undertaker hides a nasty secret. In Minsk, a ruthless scientist conducts deadly experiments. In Paris, a super jumbo crashes into an airport full throttle … The accident is investigated immediately, but the results are mysterious: All people on board were already dead when the plane hit the building. Yet the police does not find out that there is a survivor. Konstantin Korff, the undertaker from Leipzig, however, quickly tracks down this survivor, as does the scientist – for all three of them carry the same lethal curse. A curse that makes them a danger to everyone around them …

As promised: no vampires, no werewolves, and no demons.

This book deals with an ancient motive that has been puzzling humanity for all eternity.

As far as I am informed, no author has presented the motive in this fashion before.

I can also let on that when plotting the novel, I dealt with modern surgery, neurology and thanatopraxy as well as the Vanitas motive and read books on gems to finally stumble across the LeMat.

That’s quite a mix, huh?