Der Tannenbaum des Todes



Not your average kind of fantasy – but fantastic fiction nonetheless

For centuries, superior beings have secretly ruled the world: Dragons.
They kindle political conflict, overthrow kings and start wars between nations. But now, the humans fight back ...

Biplanes, airships, dragons of all kinds and sizes, intrigues and machinations – all this and more is included in my twenties novels in which Silena, descendant of a medieval dragon saint, pits herself against the giant creatures.

Sometimes she fights in her plane, sometimes on the ground, sometimes with firepower, sometimes with wits.

In Germany, tThere are two volumes, DIE MÄCHTE DES FEUERS (English Title TBA?), DRACHENKAISER (English Title TBA?) and the omnibus FEUERKRIEGE (English Title TBA).

A third volume, DRACHENGIFT (Dragon's poison) is in the pipeline, but will not be published before January 2016.