The Dwarves

Novel Series

Published by Orbit/Little, Brown Book Group

The novels’ protagonist is the dwarf Tungdil Goldhand, an orphan dwarf raised by a mage and reluctant hero of the Hidden Land and of his people.

There have been plans for a “The Dwarves” TV Series, but there have been no news concerning this project recently. Sad, but true...

The idea is to create an international TV Series after the fashion of "Game of Thrones": eight/ ten 45 minute episodes per volume.

Filming is supposed to start by the end of the year … we’ll see which year. :) The series is still in planning.

We will see when it will be aired.

Publications within the series so far:

The Dwarves 
War of the Dwarves 
Revenge of the Dwarves
The Fate of the Dwarves
The Triumph of the Dwarves (not yet)

All titles also available as ebooks.

And some dwarvish-stuff:

Interview with Boïndil Doubleblade for the magazine Books & Chars in celebration of the upcoming publication of The Fate of the Dwarves

Interviewer (gaily): Hello, Mr Doubleblade. So nice of you to make time for us after the exhausting book. This time, the author did demand quite a lot of you.

Boïndil Doubleblade (friendly): Well, you could say that.

Interviewer (curiously): Let’s get right into the middle of things and talk about the physical aspects. Did you do all the stunts yourself?

Boïndil Doubleblade: Of course! I was quite experienced from the earlier books and knew what was in store for me. The same is true for Mr Goldhand. The guy who played Rodario was a real pussy, though. Just think of the part with the shaft – he couldn’t do it. Vertigo! (laughs) But when you read the book you’d think it was him hanging on that chain. (drinks some water)

Interviewer: Did anything go wrong?

Boïndil Doubleblade: There are always things that go wrong, especially in fight scenes and with high jumps. Just try to hit a small target with a heavy weapon while jumping. During some scenes, we didn’t actually see our opponents! (waves his arms) The First Aid crew had their hands full, I can tell you, but fortunately the readers do not notice that. The magical creatures are not always easy to handle, either, no matter how many hours you spend with the animal trainers. (shows a scar on his right upper arm) This is from an ill-tempered nightmare. They bite you quicker than you can scream. But it was worth the pain. We have some great action scenes.

Interviewer: I imagine it must be very hard to stay friends with other characters outside the book.

Boïndil Doubleblade (confused): You mean when the writing’s over?

Interviewer: Yes, right. Is there a bar the reader does not know where you all meet to have a beer in the evening? Including the orcs and the other “rabble” – no offense to the actors?

Boïndil Doubleblade: First of all I don’t dig beer; I privately prefer tasty cocktails, like a Black Russian or an Angel Face. But if the book demands I’ll quaff some tankards. (laughs) Depending on the author’s whims I might well become an alcoholic. Ask Goldhand about Heitz, but remember to bring a helmet.

(clears his throat) To get back to your question, yes, there is a place a little removed from the action and we insist it be kept from the books. Nudin is a great parodist and incognito works at the New Curiosum these days. This will be a greater career than his life as a villain, believe me! Remember Bramdal Masterstroke, the executioner? He actually owns a shop selling wine and coal. Oh, and Sinthoras is a great singer! If you can be tolerant, the Älfar aren’t all bad. They are just doing their jobs. Just like orcs and trolls.

Interviewer: But not all manage to do so, I heard.

Boïndil Doubleblade: You mean the brawl between Narmora and Prince Mallen! (more serious) The tall one had been spoiling for a fight with the Darkeye, and I sympathize with Narmora. The broken bones and cuts served him right.

Interviewer: That is a nice bridge to the issue of love scenes …

Boïndil Doubleblade (waves dismissively): Oh, stop it!

Interviewer: Why? Do you have a problem with them?

Boïndil Doubleblade: My contract states that I do not have to do any sex scenes, and this time I really had to insist. Since Heitz has started to write Dark Suspense as well, he has become less predictable where these issues are concerned. Rodario and Coïra almost had to step in when I said no, but we kept it at a few smaller scenes of nudity. (lowers his voice) After all, many young people will read the book, so there shouldn’t be any smut in it. Period.

Interviewer: Some critics claim the books contained more action than depth …

Boïndil Doubleblade: I don’t deny that in the latest book, SFX are once more very important. I do not consider myself a character actor who wants to star in a chamber drama. I am wanted for my physical presence and my snappy one-liners, as is proper for a dwarf. Entertainment and distraction in a beautiful setting, that’s what we want to offer to our readers. Add to that a lot of credible scenes with moral predicaments for the protagonists, gripping dismay and much more. The books definitely have depth without trying to sound like Shakespeare.

Interviewer: Mr Doubleblade, I could not help but notice the discrepancy between your language in the books and in this interview. I mean, really – who uses a word like predicament?

Boïndil Doubleblade: Well, better than some elves, right?! (winks) You’d be surprised if you heard Swerd and me in our debate club. (laughs)

Interviewer: I always wondered what happens to the characters that die during the making of the book …

Boïndil Doubleblade: They go to heaven.

Interviewer: Really?!

Boïndil Doubleblade: No. Just kidding. I have hinted at the answer already, but that’s all I am comfortable to say.

Interviewer: Speaking of kidding, there is that joke about a dwarf and an orc who …

Boïndil Doubleblade: Next question please.

Interviewer: But the joke …

Boïndil Doubleblade: I said Next question !!!!!

Interviewer (frantically rummages through his papers): Will there be a fifth volume?

Boïndil Doubleblade: I wasn’t offered a contract yet. Either there won’t be one or it’ll be without me.

Interviewer: Which would be a pity, considering how many fans you have.

Boïndil Doubleblade: That’s the book business for you. Bang, you’re out. I think the authors are too powerful anyway. We should found a union and cut these writers’ megalomania back to size. Without the fans’ intervention, many of us would be unemployed by now, that’s for sure.

A while ago I talked to a dear colleague of mine, Waljakov or some such. Another setting, but also a Heitz world. The poor chap later found out that he almost bit the bullet in volume six! They go to battle, und suddenly an arrow wounds him lethally! But some woman intervened, and so he kept his role.

Oh, yes: OUTTAKE from the book "The fate of the dwarves"!

(…) The dwarf in the armor that was the color of night touched his visor with his left hand, trying to push it up, but … it didn’t budge.

Time and again the dwarf tried, but the hinge was jammed, and loud, angry curses sounded from underneath the helmet. In the end, the dwarf was tap dancing on the spot and sang Monty Python’s Camelot song while all around him, everyone burst into laughter and some joined the dance.

Interviewer: You had lots of fun at the set of the book!

Boïndil Doubleblade: Sometimes I did. (grins)

Interviewer: Well, thank you for your time, Mr Doubleblade, and for the exclusive sneak peek of the book. I wish you tons of success!

Boïndil Doubleblade (nods): Thanks a lot! I can sure use it!