Markus Heitz

New Year’s Eve party of horror


New Year's Eve party of horror

Before the New Year's Eve party in JUDASSOHN turns out a little different than expected, Emma and Elena prepare small appetizers.

And it goes like this:

The revenge of the black blooded cheese hedgehog

  • Make cheese- fruit- skewers as desired; also: small white bread cubes.
  • On the skewers, either alone or DOWN as a drip catcher!
  • good combinations would be milder cheeses, also like mini-mozarella-balls,
    in combination with grapes and strawberry and melon pieces.
  • Of course, you can also make just cheese skewers.
  • Pumpkin seed oil and old balsamic vinegar each in a small bowl give
    and spread thinly on the fruit and cheese to taste and on the white bread cubes.

Tip: If the balsamic flows too quickly, simply pour the desired amount into a pot,
simmer and reduce until it has become viscous - or buy balsamic cream right away. :o)

  • cover a hemisphere of styrofoam with aluminum foil, poke skewers into it

Ready is the hedgehog!
But caution: The "blood" could drip!

Noble washers

  • take desired number of round pieces of pumpernickel.
  • Buy desired type of cream cheese or even the green doom (see recipes).
  • Spread the pumpernickel slices thinly/thickly with cream cheese and top with a few pearls of the cheap trout aviar on top
  • Alternative decoration suggestions: Pistachios, walnuts, capers, olive slices

Noble washers customized

  • Buy cookie cutters (Christmas cookies, Halloween cookies) by occasion
  • buy rectangular pumpernickel slices, cut them out accordingly and then
    treat with the cream cheese as above


Buy sausage and cheese, also shape with the cookie cutters
and then cover the pumpernickel slices with it.