Markus Heitz

Space Fiction

The JUSTIFIERS series*

The role-playing game system Justifiers was developed in the USA in 1988. I secured the rights and developed a modernized version together with other authors.

The result was the new role-playing game JUSTIFIERS (out of print) and the novel series of the same name (out of print), which is set in the COLLECTOR world.

  • Christoph Hardebusch: Justifiers 1: Missing in Action
  • Lena Falkenhagen: Justifiers 2: Undercover
  • Thomas Finn: Justifiers 3: Mind Control
  • Nicole Schuhmacher: Justifiers 4: Zero Gravity
  • Boris Koch: Justifiers 5: Sabotage
  • Daniela Knor: Justifiers 6: Outcast
  • Thomas Plischke: Justifiers 7: Autopilot
  • Maike Hallmann: Justifiers 8: Hard to kill
  • Christian von Aster: Justifiers 9: Robolution
  • Susan Schwartz: Justifiers 10: Unusual Suspects


The term was coined by Nobel Prize winner in literature Doris Lessing, and I wanted to avoid the word "science"... I deselected physics and chemistry, and for good reason. But no law of nature -neither on this world nor on any other- will prevent me from setting out for the stars.

I -like all storytellers- am interested in fascinating new worlds, in beautiful, exciting and adventurous stories. Yes, all right, and they should be mean, too.

Surely space travel plays a role, surely there are new modes of propulsion, new technologies, new peoples, new planets, new forms of society, and new difficulties that arise when you fly into space.

But the technology and the science that really wants to explain everything are not in the foreground for me. They are an ingredient for the novels. One of so many... But it's always, ALWAYS about the story!


*Not yet released in english.