Markus Heitz

Legends of the Älfar


Legends of the Älfar - Series

A small but fine series about the somewhat different villains. It is about their culture, their way of thinking, their change over time.

And of course, events from the DWARVES series are illuminated from the perspective of the Älfar.

Volume 1 Righteous Fury and Volume 2 Devastating Hate have Sinthoras and Caphalor as heroes. The novels take place before the Dwarves series.

Volume 3 Dark Paths is chronologically located between dwarfs 3 and 4.

Volume 4 Raging Storm takes place after Dwarfs 4.

Volume 5 The Forgotten Scriptures* is a short story collection that highlights secondary characters and plots, the times vary in the process.

*Not yet released in English, name may be different.



In Righteous Fury, the elves, dwarves and humans all know the alfar to be dark, relentless warriors. In Dson Faimon, the realm of the alfar, the warriors are planning a military campaign. Caphalor and Sinthoras are looking to enlist a powerful demon to strengthen their army - but the two alfar have very different goals. While Caphalor is determined to defend the borders of their empire and no more, the ambitious Sinthoras is intent on invasion: and he has the kingdoms of dwarves, elves, and me firmly in his sights.

Devastating Hate (Volume 2)


They are the enemies of the dwarves and control the darkest magics, but even then power of the Älfar has its limits. To save their own people, they must enter into an unwinnable war.

Sinthoras and Caphalor, two very different Älfar, watch as their plans come to fruition: the hidden land-the home of the dwarves-has fallen to their army of trolls, barbarians and Älfar, and now the lands of the hated elves are within their grasp.
But the alliance is beginning to crumble as greed triumphs over obedience. And Sinthoras and Caphalor face another threat: an enemy from the empire of the Älfar, thought to be defeated, has resurfaced, and while their best warriors fight in the hidden land, the Älfar homeland lies almost defenseless.

Dark Paths (Volume 3)


There are four races: the Elves, the Dwarves and the Humans and the Älfar.

The other three all know the Älfar to be dark, relentless warriors, set on conquest; they have been deadly enemies since time immemorial. But are things about to change?

The young älfar triplets Sisaroth, Tirigon and Firüsha have been banished to the deadly underground realm of Phondrasôn, two of them exiled for a murder they did not commit, the third determined to stay with them, to help them survive this terrifying place full of monsters. Then Sisaroth meets a dwarf, Tungdil, who has been locked up in the Dark Abyss (Tungdil will be well-known to readers of the Dwarves series!) - and their unexpected relationship will change the fate of the älfar and the dwarves - for ever.

Dort trifft Sisaroth auf einen Zwerg: Tungdil, der in der Schwarzen Schlucht eingeschlossen wurde! Diese Begegnung verändert das Schicksal der Albae und der Zwerge für immer.“

Raging Storm (Volume 4)


The Hidden Land lies broken. In the terrible battle to save the home of the dwarves, elves and humans, many sacrifices were made by great heroes, and at the last the älfar were defeated. Aiphatòn, the son of the indelible and erstwhile Emperor of the Älfar, has sworn that his race will never again pose such a dire threat to the world; he is determined to seek out and destroy the last of his own people.

But there may be a greater enemy to face: an enigmatic mage with powerful magic at her fingertips is threatening the entire country.

Suddenly the Hidden Land's greatest enemy has become its only hope . . .

The Forgotten Scriptures* (Volume 5)

*Not yet released in English, name may be different.