Markus Heitz


Meine anderen Identitäten…

Mahet/ Meister Mahet

Am Anfang war die Uni. Die bauten mir eine tolle Rechnerkennung für die Universität. Wo heute nur vier Buchstaben und vier Ziffern lieblos zusammen geklatscht werden, wurde damals noch zärtlich gebastelt. So entstand das Kürzel MArkus HEiTz, MAHET. Ich fand das schick. Den „Meister“ gab’s erst nach Bestehen der Magisterprüfung. Ein echter Meistertitel.

Andere Mahets (die Fälschungen selbstverständlich), im Netz gefunden…

  1. Kerri was born in the state of eastern Daas, in the country of Esium. Her father Mahet was the Maze keeper of Cabal – a land poised on the edge of the Suraanese Empire. Cabal had been designed to fend off any land attack by Suraanese forces; its land turned into a perfect battleground filled with trenches, pits and other nefarious traps. As a daughter of Mahet, Kerri spent much of her childhood in Cabal’s underground maze. Traitors, prisoners and Suraanese invaders would be teleported into the maze by Lord Araith of Cabal. It was Mahet’s duty to rearm and service all of the maze’s deadly traps.Suffice as to say, Kerri learned a lot about intstruments of torture and death. The Daasin people were never one’s for tact.
  1. Sravasti has two villages, Sahet and Mahet. From the Balrampur-Sravasti road one can enter Sahet, which is spread over an area of 400 acres and has a number of ruins. A little north of Sahet, towards the Rapti River, is the ancient fortified city of Mahet. The entrance to the mud fortification of Mahet is constructed in a beautiful crescent shape. Though an ancient structure, its five gates and walls are still visible. Pakki Kuti, Kuchhi Kuti and many other stupas tell the story of the great monasteries that once stood here.
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  1. The most peculiar element in this Samaritan cult theology, of course, was the offspring that the ancient Egyptian „Tefnut-Mahet“ hypostasis has engendered-the Ennoia. It is necessary to review for a moment the Egyptian prehistory of this feminine dimension in the godhead. The association of Tefnut with Mahet is as ancient as are the Coffin Texts. In later Egyptian times the goddess Mahet, as a personal manifestation of justice, right, rightness, order, and truth has been brought into companionship with Thoth, the masculine patron of knowledge and scribalism. She has become the feminine associate of Thoth.
  1. In den Niederlanden tun wir dies in Zusammenarbeit mit der „Maatschap Acute Hulpverlening Education en Training“, abgekürzt MAHET
  1. Marie, geb. Mahet, trat nach dem Studium am Priesterseminar in Dijon 1861 bei den Dominikanern von Flavigny-sur-Ozerain ein
  2. Montsorel, Mahet „Maud“, Birth: 1185 Lincolnshire, England, Gender: Female, Family: Marriage: ABT 1210 Lincolnshire, England